Upholstery tools and workbench

Chair today; chair tomorrow

It has been so incredibly long since I have written here that I feel like we’ve just bumped into each other at a party, but we both know that even though we used to hang out all the time I forgot to reply to a few of your texts and before I knew it six months had passed, and now I’m here trying to make polite conversation to bridge the awkward chasm, yet seem to have lost any social skills I ever possessed and am now just rambling aimlessly so you have even more time to think about how I never called. Well, I’m glad that wasn’t uncomfortable.

Anyway, I haven’t been blogging much as life has been a blur of children, rediscovering exercise, bereavement, children… Oh and chairs. Upholstering chairs, writing about chairs, drawing chairs, describing chairs, reading about chairs. Chairs, chairs, chairs, chairs, chairs. The result of which is that I now have a Craft Skills Certificate in Traditional Upholstery in a shiny frame resting on my cupboard upstairs.

As well as my dining chair, the other main piece of furniture I have been working on is a nursing chair, some stages of which you can see here. Eagle-eyed readers might recognise the fabric.


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