Wire and pegs ideas/notice board with wallpaper and fabric swatches

Monthly make: easy wire noticeboard

This is less of a make and more of an assembly but, hey, at least I actually did this one! I have wanted for some time a place near my desk to display my images, colours and swatches for things I am working on (or would like to be).

I bought a bunch of wooden pegs from my local hardware store ages ago and found a galvanised mesh panel for about a fiver from a garden centre. This one is a 25mm mesh and is 60cm by 90 cm. At the moment I have only hung it from a nail already there but a couple more – or four well placed screws – would do a better job of it.

Craft area with sewing machine and ideas board

Here’s hoping it helps me get on with the other projects I have lining up!

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