Book review: Creative display by Geraldine James

One of my Christmas presents I have been longingly staring at during the ninth game of dinosaur bingo in a row is Creative display by Geraldine James.

For a recovering perfectionist, I found the groups of finds and ecclectic collections surprisingly visually interesting, as opposed to when lots of objects can sometimes feel like clutter is squeezing all the useful and beautiful things out of my brain.

I found I was most strongly drawn to displays that were linked together by carefully complementing colours, like the beautful blues and greens from the home of artist Laurence Amélie.

The section on creative work spaces was a highlight for me, where the combination of utility and beauty was most obvious and interesting. It has made me even more keen to carve an upholstery workshop space out of our existing garage between the stacks of firewood and the lawn mower.

Mostly, this book made me appreciate that my mum’s varied and vast collections are because, in Geraldine James’s words, she is one of the “people who inhabit creative worlds” and has made me want to snoop about in the houses of my friends and family, taking photos of all their most treasured posessions! Perhaps there’s a few blog posts in that…

If you’re interested, you can read a brief interview with the author, Geraldine James.

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