Modern Scandinavian red, white and grey Christmas

Christmas 2014 decorating trends

I am sorry. So very sorry. The autumn term has not even begun and I have been and gone and mentioned Christmas. My children are already adding items to their mental Christmas lists every time we venture near any shop but for the rest of us, I know it is a long way off. Nevertheless, it has become a Paint chart joy tradition to make Christmas decorating trend predictions (particularly as I didn’t make a fool of myself last year after all). So – brace yourself – here it is:

Old school

You know how you’d dress a Christmas film set if you wanted it to appear timeless? Wreaths, decorations in simple fabrics and twinkly lights. As far as anyone still alive can remember, it was never in or out of fashion.


For a more modern take on Christmas decorations, I think we’ll see a lot of chevrons, stripes and other bold, geometric patterns in the shops this Christmas.

Stripes, chevrons and spots washi tape Christmas//Photograph via Chickydoodle


Remember the strange assortment of inherited decorations in weird and wonderful shapes and colours you used to wince at each year when your parents retrieved them from the cupboard? Well, now it’s cool. Honestly. Dust down your fluted baubles, hang those honeycomb paper bells and display the knitted snowmen. Or visit your local charity shop.

Modern Scandi

This year, I think we’ll see the Scandinavian style given an update with the addition of black or grey to the traditional red and white.

Modern Scandinavian red, white and grey Christmas//Photograph via Lushome

So how will you be decorating your home? I would love to know. Nearer the time, of course…



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