Small mantelpiece display with flowers, vases and candle

5 easy home decorating ideas for the long weekend

Want to feather your nest ready for autumn but still want to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine? Here are some suggestions for the long weekend that will leave you plenty of time to do other things…

Small mantelpiece display with flowers, vases and candle

1. Enjoy what you already have

You don’t need to spend money or agonize over decor decisions to change how you feel about your home environment. Why not show your house some love by re-ordering kitchen storage, making a seasonal display, rearranging your books or displaying some hand-picked greenery?

2. Do that job that’s waiting to be done

I’m always surprised how a room can evolve by actually doing that thing you’ve been meaning to do for ages but haven’t done because you need to use a drill/ make a picture mount/ measure. It may feel like it’s too much effort now but it’s great when you have those hooks/ mirror/ children’s artwork display up.

3. Paint something

Anything! Be it a shed, an old bed or a junk shop letter rack.


Painted blue shed

4. Make something

I have been pondering the importance of making and creating things of late (more of this to come, no doubt!) and this is what I hope for my bank holiday weekend; to perhaps dig out the silk scarves that were the subject of my very first post to make a cushion or to use the kilner jars my husband bought me as an anniversary gift to preserve the elderberries that my children picked today.

5. Visit your local charity shops, antique shops or reclamation yard

If you’re local to me, I can recommend The end of the world reclaimed centre, Returned to Glory, Swan Antiques and flea market and The Old Flight House. If not, I can thoroughly recommend charity shops as a great place to find interesting and affordable furniture. You may find something as lovely as my dressing table!

1950s retro dressing table


9 thoughts on “5 easy home decorating ideas for the long weekend

  1. Fab ideas, I’m hoping to paint my summer house (shed, not holiday retreat!) weather-permitting. Must check out your antiques places next time I’m in Oxfordshire too! 🙂

      1. We have some leftover outdoor paints from doing the kids’ playshed in pale pink, light & dark blue stripes, kind of beach hut style. I think I’ll use a main colour for summer house and accent with other shades. Should be fun 🙂

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