Toddler's bedroom with star vinyl wall stickers and stripey bed linen

A big bed for my little boy

My two-and-a-half-year-old and I hang out a lot and I love his crazy hair, boundless confidence and big heart. But it turns out he is not so little any more. His ‘new big bed’ campaign has been running for at least a month now and, as he is able to easily touch both ends of his current cot-bed and he has said goodbye to nappies, I have given in to his demands. This now means I actually have to do something about his room instead of just writing about it (here and here).

Having braved Ikea with both children yesterday, we now have a brand new bed that we need to assemble (although I think I accidentally bought the wrong one!) and he has chosen some new bed linen. Is it ironic that after all my reservations about pink for my daughter’s room, my son’s new duvet cover has pink in it?

Ikea dvala stripey duvet cover and pillow case//Photograph via Ikea

I need to take some inspiration from these colours to give the room some curtains that actually fit and give it some of his strong-minded and bold personality. I need to get making…

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