new turquoise front door 50s house

My new front door

Avid readers of this blog (you glorious handful, you) will be aware that I have been plotting a new front door for a while. I have ummed and ahhhed and asked for your help over designs and details and here, finally and in all its turquoise beauty, it is!

What do you think? I can not claim any credit for it as, uncharacteristically, Mr Paint chart joy and I dug deep into our pockets and got someone else to do it. But I am so glad we did! I have forgotten the draughts and traffic noise of the old door already. The style and shade make reference to our 1950s house and – more importantly – make me smile when I come home. And the solidness of it just feels ‘right’ to shut behind.

What I love even more is opening it to my daughter’s birthday party friends and our neighbours who have grown more veggies than they need in their garden and my friend who is just passing and saw I’d left my car window open. Why not pop in for a cup of tea and a chat?!

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