Table with flowers

Home is where my table is

After returning from a rare weekend away, I knew I was home when I saw the children chasing each other and balloons around our table.

(Apologies for the droopy-flowered photo but in all the others the table is covered with playdough, paper, food or people!)

What object makes you feel at home?

One thought on “Home is where my table is

  1. Furniture-wise it would have to be my sleigh bed. I love my bed! It’s the most extravagant thing in our home; with everything else being either family hand-me-downs or eBay purchases. It’s so comfortable and fits the whole family. Object-wise, nothing says “home” like a proper cup of tea in my black Le Creuset mug. It may be the Buxton water, or the Yorkshire Tea, but somehow tea just tastes better in one of these mugs!

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