Paint chart choices

Last week I was working on painting the first of my two cupboards. It used to look like this (not sure why it has no drawers in the picture!):

1930s cupboard before
And now it looks like this:

Painted 1930s cupboard in progress
As you can see, I haven’t painted the drawers yet as I am planning to paint them a different colour to make the cupboard a bit more visually interesting. I used a pale grey paint I had left over from painting my daughter’s bed and now need to decide what will complement it most.

The easiest (and cheapest) idea is to use paint I already have, which make the choices a subdued green blue or a chartreuse yellow. Or I could splash out on a tester pot of something completely different, like a mid-tone grey, a mid-century orange or a moody blue. Decisions, decisions.

In other choices, I’m trying to decide whether to pluck up the courage and apply to study something more closely linked to this blog than my previous jobs. I’m probably at a similar stage in my decision as this cupboard is; just waiting for the last, crucial effort that will make the impact. I really hope this cupboard looks good.

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