Ideal home exhibition highlights

My friend asked me if I wanted to go with her to the Ideal Home exhibition and, as I had a free ticket in my magazine and it sounded like it might be fun, we visited today.

ideal home exhibition at Earl's Court

Overall, I was disappointed that the volume of products vastly outweighed the more designed or curated spaces but there were a few finds – along with some tasty food – that put a smile on our faces.

The area of most inspiration for me was the Ideal Young Gardener of the Year show gardens and I loved the combination of plants and structures (especially in Capel Manor’s).

I also enjoyed being reminded of Earthborn‘s clay-based paints and Plain English‘s early twentieth century-inspired cabinets. But sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, as demonstrated by Potnotch‘s hanging pot holders.

I had a good few hours with my lovely friend Catherine but I don’t think I’ll be heading to the Ideal Home exhibition again. Are there any home or interiors shows that I should be going to? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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