A little bit country

Fresh flowers in a jug//Photograph via The Kitchen Garden School

I have just got back from visiting a friend who lives just next to the primary school I went to, right on the edge of what I would call ‘proper’ countryside. The smell (it’s opposite a farm; you can imagine) took me back to days spent crouching down next to mushrooms and pulling the seed heads from grasses. The town I live in is practical, I miss the city I worked in but the countryside I grew up in is a part of who I am.

There are many devoted fans of country style but I am not one of them. All those pale interiors and hearts can feel a bit too sentimental for my liking and aren’t really very practical when faced with all that nature.

Two of my concessions to country style are simple enamelware and freshly picked flowers in a jug (I think my choice would be a bit more rustic than the one pictured). Simple, practical and beautiful.

eggs, butter and whisk with enamelware bowls//Photograph by Sam Stowell via Falcon Enamelware

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