A place to call my work

Being a stay-at-home mum makes my home pretty much my life. I sleep here. I play (a lot!) here. I work here. I eat here. Sure I get to take short trips for nursery drop offs, the zoo and to meet up with other people. Very occasionally, I get an evening away. But my home is where I’m at.

Sometimes I fantasise about an office just for a change of scenery (even though I’m well aware of the visual monotony sitting at a desk all day can bring). The only way forward seems to try to carve out a space in my home where I can work. A place that when I sit there, I have permission to follow through a thought process from start to finish.

For me, the ingredients for an easy and inspiring work place have got to be:

  • an old desk
  • a comfy chair
  • a window (or, failing that, a beautiful lamp)
  • somewhere to see my ideas in progress
  • somewhere to put my things

This beautifully simple workspace, from an old, Swedish cottage, ticks all the boxes for me. Although, I’d be tempted to switch in a small, leather armchair for added comfort.

Work space with old desk, lamp, windows and comfortable chair//Photograph via Hus & Hem

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