Why didn’t I do this sooner? #6 Paint an old letter rack

vintage letter rack - before

I found this old letter rack in a local antiques shop a few years ago to use as an in-tray. It looked okay in our old house but, since moving to our new house two years ago, the colour of the wood irritated me so much that we stopped using it. However, it turns out that an ugly letter rack is hugely preferable to piles of paper all over the kitchen worktop.

So how to make a tired and wierdly-stained letter rack an object I want to display? It needed a lot of sanding down and several coats of primer to alleviate the strange stain.

vintage letter rack sanded ready to paint

I’d wanted to experiment with spray painting furniture for ages and this seemed like a good a time as any. I settled for a bright yellow that I hoped would work with the rest of my bright and slightly mismatched kitchen-dining-living room.

Spray painting a wooden letter rack(Excuse the rubbish bag in the picture below; I was trying to entertain two toddlers and cook pumpkin cakes at the same time!) 

The spray painting was so much fun; it went on so easily and was ready to re-coat after 15 minutes. I did three coats in total but the end result has a less-than-perfect finish owing to the slightly dodgy priming job I did.

Yellow painted wooden letter rack

Despite the imperfections, the colour is a vast improvement and I’m pleased with the results. Now, what to spray paint next…?

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