Exposed bricks: show me what you’re made of

//Photograph via

I am on holiday at the moment on the Isle of Wight staying in a converted old fort. The beautiful exposed brick ceiling is making me wish that our house was a bit more ‘undone’. There is something honest and comforting about seeing what a building is made of.

//Photograph via Living etc

I remember first truly appreciating the beauties of brickwork whilst working at a heritage charity that restores old buildings and my love for bricks was (ahem) cemented whilst spending afternoons with their photo library and lying on the sofa gazing up at the ceiling of the Gothic Temple.

//Photograph via Landmark Trust

If you fancy seeing what your house is hiding, The unhandy man’s guide to exposing a brick wall is reassuringly comprehensive. However, if you fear the centipedes, you could always fake it with a wallpaper or wall covering.

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