How to display children’s art

I’ll give you a clue, I’m pretty sure this is not the answer:

Messy mantelpiece

My daughter started preschool a couple of weeks ago and she comes home every day with at least two new pieces of art for our gallery.

Having had a good look round the internet, my favourite is this practical and achievable wood and bulldog clips idea.

//Photograph via Sweet Sweet Life

However, I bought a pack of 50 wooden clothes pegs last week that I vaguely thought I might be able to use.

//Photograph via Geninne’s Art Blog

So I just need to get pegging! Time to put the laptop away and do something useful…

7 thoughts on “How to display children’s art

  1. I’ve been passively searching for a large cork board that I could paint with Lewis’s room colours to display his pictures. Yet to find the right one and love the clip/peg idea. Lewis only has one picture from pre-school so far but plenty from Sunday school! Ella is starting to produce stuff at home too and with the clip/peg idea we could even display photographs of their endless pay dough and Duplo models. Thanks for this post Jo, has got me thinking and planning the next DIY job! x

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