3-year-old girl’s yellow and purple bedroom

I thought an update on my daughter’s bedroom makeover was long overdue. I’ve held off until now because it is not finished and, well, it’s a mess most of the time! I’ve included reminders of what it used to look like so you can enjoy the beauty of a before and after.


Toddler's bedroom (girl) - before


3-year-old girl's bedroom: yellow and purple


Girl's bedroom - beforeAfter

3-year-old girl's bedroom: yellow and purple

As you can see the bedding and lights looks great in the room and I hope its a personal and positive space for my daughter.

I spent a fair bit of time painting the wall and the bed, in particular, but my multi-talented mum made the bean bag chair and my lovely sister-in-law made the button heart picture. And my daughter painted the picture frame for the flower picture she chose.

As I used items we already had, my only costs were the paint, bedding and lights. I’d still like to paint the bedside table and mirror, introducing a few darker greys (the paint for the bed was lighter than I hoped but it went on beautifully).

I’m sure the room will grow and change as my daughter does but it feels perfect for my grown-up little girl.

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