Colour charts: Copper

The interiors world has firmly established its relationship with copper this year, so here’s the first of my guides to using colour in your home.

The shade

Copper, especially with hints of pink.

Copper light pendant - Tom Dixon//Photograph via Tom Dixon


Copper is unpretentious, having been around so long it was used by ancient civilizations, yet has a modern lustre. It therefore fits beautifully with the trend of what designers like to call ‘rough luxe’ – a bit of glamour and a bit of, ahem, rough.  (For my take on rough luxe, see A little rough around the edges.)

Copper bath - William Holland//Photograph via William Holland

What for?

Copper lends itself to making functional items beautiful; kitchens, bathrooms and lighting in particular. It is increasingly being used in furniture and decorative accessoriesespecially in its rose-tinted shade.

Laura Ashley Arielle Rose Mirror 2 Drawer Chest

//Photograph via Laura Ashley

Try it

Saucepans and vases look especially beautiful in copper, whilst rose-mirrored glass furniture (like above) has the same feel. These mirrors have a beautiful antique copper colour (and are pretty reasonable too).

John Lewis - copper mirrors//Photograph via John Lewis

Of course you could always use liquid copper paint and create your own possibilities!


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