What’s on your mantelpiece?

The chimney breast in my front room has recently gone from hole…

Empty chimney breast hole plant

…to fireplace!

Newly fitted cast iron fireplace

(Please excuse the dodgy photos – my camera is currently charging!)

Obviously it needs sanding and painting. And the mirror needs moving up. Or round. Or somewhere else completely.

After a flue mishap that means we won’t be lighting any open fires just yet, what I am most excited about is the decorating possibilities a mantelpiece provides. To be honest, even if it had been working it may still have been.

What makes a good mantelpiece? I think the traditional recipe is a mirror or art, flowers and anything else you want to show off arranged symmetrically. A less traditional one would have the same type of objects arranged with larger objects balancing groups of smaller ones. Perhaps not, as my other mantelpiece currently houses, a thick pile of toddler art, three vases, a sand-filled dolphin and a small pot containing feathers, nuts and something that used to be a clay and twig bug sculpture.

Here’s my first and brief attempt at an autumn mantelpiece. I’m not a hundred per cent happy with it (fir cone?) but it is a start. I love the rosehips that I cut from our garden as they remind me of happy hours of writing and drinking rosehip tea. Plus they’re a great height and shape for adding interest here.

Autumn mantelpiece cast iron fireplace

Autumn mantelpiece fireplace display

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