Help make my front door beautiful

This is my front door. If you ever see it, feel free to pop in for a cup of tea.
2013-08-05 19.39.48

It has never been my favourite feature of my house. The quantity of patchwork style glass takes the look from retro to dizzying. And on the top of the hill, with our house sticking out from the street, all that glass makes me feel a bit exposed when I’m making my morning dashes for the washing.

One of the panes of glass needs replacing which makes it officially time to do something about it. But what?

Ideally l think I’d like to brick up some of the window and have a regular wooden fifties door (the lower of my hastily sketched doors) but the cost is quite high. Alternatively we stick with the metal frames that are all still in good shape,¬†replace the panels with window-filmed security glass and paint the frames something colourful like turquoise (and maybe add a cheeky porch roof/ canopy like in the higher sketch).

50s house glass front door metal frame

So what should it be? I’d like our front door to reflect that it is a 1950s house without slavishly sticking to period details and still be practical and attractive. I’m open to suggestions!

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