Escape inside: a stay-at-home mum’s interior dreams

I haven’t written on here for far too long. The responsibilities of my full-time job – being a mum to two lovely toddlers – has overwhelmed me for the past three weeks and we have been fighting illness on all fronts. Still, I have emerged feeling very thankful for my brilliant family and with a creeping need to do something that challenges my brain in a different way.

During the past three weeks of all-consuming parenting, I have found myself seeking out and enjoying places for myself and my family at home. Here are the spaces I have been craving and carving out in my house:

Somewhere to make mud pies

Children love outside. I never really knew how much it is second nature (or perhaps just nature) to them. I think an outside kitchen for making mud pies would be brilliant.

Mud pie kitchen - Joyful home//Photograph by Joyful home

Somewhere to work

A pin board. Some natural light. A mug of steaming tea. Some storage that makes you feel more organised every time you look at it. A comfortable chair. Time stretching promisingly in front of you. Happy productivity.

To be inspired by some of the most interesting places where people get creative, check out Confessions of a design geek’s Creative spaces.

Somewhere to think

I miss my commute as there was plenty of time to do nothing but think. In a culture where productivity is greatly valued, it afforded a good excuse to let my brain do all the processing and dreaming and evaluating it needed. These days, I do most of  my thinking in the bath – and I love my tub.

Somewhere to be messy

I went round to a friend’s house to play and she happily got out lots of rice and scoops and dinosaurs and eggs on a big tray in her lounge without a hint of ‘there’s rice all over my carpet’ anxiety. She is one of my heroes.

I think I need to get a big tray and get a bit messier.

Somewhere to breathe a sigh of relief

After I have checked on my children at night, I love the feeling of shutting the door to our bedroom and retreating to a peaceful space. Sure, sometimes I have to fish out the books/ muslins/ cuddly toys/ hair clips from my bed before I can get in to it. But when I’ve made the bed and tidied up, our monochrome bedroom feels like sleeping in the clouds. A fresh set of white sheets would be perfect.

Lil Softie white cotton bed linen - Loaf//Photograph by Loaf

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