Giving our toddlers’ bedrooms some personality

I have a confession to make. When I see my friends’ children’s bedrooms – the hand-painted animals, the cute friezes and the themed bedding – it is embarrassingly obvious that they have poured a lot more love, time and money into decorating their rooms than I have.

Am I a bad interior designer? Maybe. Am I a bad mother? I hope not, though it might be best to ask my children in thirty years.

We moved in to our house nearly a year and a half ago, my husband heroically painting anything that didn’t move white whilst I, heavily pregnant and with an eighteen-month-old already in tow, made spreadsheets and ordered fixtures. Our friends and family turned up in shifts with encouragement and paintbrushes. My parents cooked and looked after us as we stayed in their house for two weeks. We were exhausted but buoyed by the kindness and love we were shown by the people around us.

We managed some colourful blinds and a few animal stickers in my daughter’s room. After a year and a half of sleepless nights and crazy days, my son’s room has furniture cast-offs and old curtains that don’t fit with a few vehicle stickers trying to put a brave face on it.

So now a new normality is establishing itself, what changes in my two toddlers bedrooms would bring a smile to their faces? I’ll be posting my ideas and progress on the bedroom updates for our nearly 3-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy over the next few weeks.

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