Using old suitcases and trunks in your home

Sometimes I don’t realise how much I like something until there’s three of them. Three can not be ignored. Three is almost a collection.

It started with sourcing a big old trunk as a cheap coffee table alternative. Five pounds, you say? Thank you very much Ebay.

Old trunk used as coffee table

At the moment, with my children being so little, it rarely gets used for coffee but is so sturdy we use it as extra seating.

Then I got a taste for it… We currently use this one for storing Postman Pat toys.

Old suitcase storage

And finally, after a recent trip to one of my favourite charity shops (Returned to Glory), I came home with this lovely old suitcase as the first step in giving my bedroom some personality.

Old suitcase on Ikea chest of drawers

But how to best show off vintage suitcases and trunks? Stylists love to stack them for storage and to use as side tables but if DIY is more your thing, be inspired by 40 creative ways of reusing old suitcases. Suitcase shelves anyone?

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