Dead zoo inspiration

Toddler at Tring Natural History Museum

Yesterday we took a trip to the Tring Natural History Museum (affectionately termed ‘the dead zoo’ in our house). The Victorian museum is the cabinet of curiosities on a grand and eccentric scale.

Stick insects in a glass cabinet - Triing Natural History Museum

Taxidermy in the home is a very specific taste. I have had to persuade my husband to not buy stuffed animals as wedding presents for nearly all of our friends who have got married over the last ten years. (You’re welcome.)

Here, however, are some items inspired by my trip that are a little easier to accommodate (and clean).

1. Flamingo print

Kissing Flamingo Wall Print

//Photograph by Natural History

2. Wooden shelves with labels

Wooden box unit - Cox and Cox

//Photograph by Cox and Cox

3. Living wall

Living wall - Woolly Pocket

//Photograph by Woolly Pocket

4. Glass storage jar

Glass Bird Storage Jar - Rockett St George

//Photograph by Rockett St George

5. Glass display cabinet

STOCKHOLM Glass-door cabinet IKEA

//Photograph by Ikea

4 thoughts on “Dead zoo inspiration

  1. Isn’t it odd how for most of us taxidermy has a time and a place? I could never imagine having any in my home and can vividly remember freaking out when my mother brought home some framed butterflies. But when they are in a museum they just seem to fit and its usually the exhibit we end up spending the most time in. I love your ideas for influence in the home, especially the wooden labeled draws.

  2. We too have recently visited the ‘Dead Zoo’. Twas great! I really want some butterflies in a case but clearly this is not item for an environmentally aware geography teacher to display in her home …..

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