Getting my hands dirty

Last week I did less faffing about and more doing. I’d forgotten how much I love actually making things and getting my hands dirty. I recommend it!

I got the paintbrushes out and started the long overdue woodwork painting (coming along slowly) and did the first few coats on my old letter rack revamp while the tin was open (photos to follow). I sewed a curtain hem and finally put the pins away. I made a really long house ‘to do’ list. My daughter and I even made some lemon cakes. It was a good week.

Such were the successes of last week that I can feel a bit of crafting coming on…

I have my eye on these bargain alphabet stamps from ebay shop Dragonchant and am looking forward to the possibilities already.

Throw in some letterpress biscuit cutters (like these from Cox and Cox) and it will keep me and my children amused for hours.

Letterpress cookie cutters - Cox and Cox

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