A little rough around the edges

There’s a lot of ‘unfinished’, industrial and oh-I-just-found-this-rusty-old-thing-and-put-it-in-my-house interiors about at the moment. In designer-speak it’s rough luxe; to everyone else, it’s more metal, beat-up furniture and less cleaning. And why not?

I bought some old hooks on Ebay, always planning on cleaning them up, but they looked so good as they were I put them up in all their rusty glory.

Ever since, I’ve been dreaming of some nice wire post shelves, like these from Cox and Cox, and where I could put them.

Wire wall rack - Cox and Cox// Photograph by Cox and Cox

What do you think? Fancy getting your house a bit dirty? Or are bare plaster and old school lockers better in photographs?

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