My bathroom needs to powder its nose

We had our bathroom fitted a year ago but I’ve never considered it finished. It just needs the little things that make a room come together but that I can never justify spending lots of/ any money on.

It has a white painted floor which we always said we’d get a rug for and never have. I’ve recently been eyeing up Toast’s lovely selection and think this beautiful Zig zag weave Madur grass mat would steer the bathroom back from the outskirts of shabby chic and more towards pared-down simplicity. Although I think a grey zig zag might work better with the greyish blue walls…

// Photograph by Toast

I also found this fabric by Joel Dewberry from Etsy shop Stash, via the lovely A Beautiful Mess blog, and would like to try and incorporate it somehow. Perhaps framed as a print above the roll top bath?

// Photograph by Stash

Hopefully I’ll be back when I’ve saved my pennies with some before and after photos that will knock your socks off.

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