Kilner jar love

Everyone loves a Kilner jar. Just looking at one makes me feel instantly more organised. I got given three big beauties (1 litre) from my husband on Valentine’s day and I can’t wait to use them. But what for? Kilner jars aren’t exactly new and I’ve seen the classic preserve jar used for sweets, candles, puddings, lights and a whole lot more.

Jamie at home - flip storage jars

// Photograph by Jme

Jar 1: Stuff full of ribbons

I had a sprawling mass of ribbons left over from Christmas/ January sales and an empty Kilner jar. Job done.

Jar 2: Make piccalilli

I’m determined to use at least one for its original function and I really fancy making some piccalilli. I would make chutney but my husband doesn’t like it (I still find this incomprehensible – does he know what it is?). So a pickle seems like a good compromise. And pretty much anything you can dollop on cheese is fine by me.

Jar 3: Sweet jar vs. flour

There’s something ridiculously appealing about a massive glass jar full of sweet treats but perhaps I should be sensible and store my flour in it…

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