Mid-century decorating finds

This weekend I’ve been donning my old jeans and wielding a paintbrush to help my very lovely brother and sister-in-law decorate their new house. They’ve moved in to a Victorian semi that has been pretty much untouched for decades and I couldn’t help sharing some of the mid-century finds that caught my eye.

The hallway wallpaper – although it’s obviously very old and dirty – is brilliant and I would love to do something with the pattern.

50s/ 60s tree wallpaper

I love their door handles too and they’ve told me they’re mine when they replace them! I think they’d look great on a chest of drawers.

40s/ 50s door handles

The house has loads of original features that they have uncovered and it’s going to look great when they’re done. I only wish I lived closer so I could be of more use!

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