A fresh coat of paint

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint for a new year. The pop of the paint lid, the instant smell and the first cautious stir always brim full of possibilities.

Apparently, 2013 will be the year of indigo. I can definitely be persuaded. If you want to know more about 2013’s interiors trends, read Mad about the house’s top trend predictions.

Here are my top five paint colours and projects for the new year:

Brightest yellow

Lemon Punch - Dulux

(Lemon Punch – Dulux)

As anyone who knows my two-year-old girl will tell you, yellow is her favourite colour. Oh and purple. But mostly yellow. This bright yellow from Dulux looks just the thing. As she already has one wall of white wardrobes, another with animal stickers and a third with purple blinds, it’s going to have to be a feature wall. She’s already ridiculously excited.

Deep blue

(Deep Space Blue – Little Greene)

Deep Space Blue - Little Greene

This colour is definitely teetering on the brink of indigo. We have a space under the eaves on our landing that we currently use as a dumping ground. I think it needs some strong colour to give it its own identity and this deep blue is beautifully moody. I’m planning on using touches of red, orange, grey and white to stop it from feeling oppressive.

Grey (or if I’m feeling brave, orange)

(Mid Lead Colour – Little Greene or Moroccan Flame – Dulux)

Mid Lead Colour - Little Greene

We bought a Thirties cupboard on ebay for landing storage with the intention of painting it. Six months on, it’s still on our ‘to do’ list. Grey is a solid, safe choice against the deep blue background and would work well with the rest of our house but I can’t quite rule out this complementary orange…

Grown-up green

Lichen - Farrow & Ball(Lichen – Farrow & Ball)

Having painted the shed in a stand-out turquoise (Seagrass – Cuprinol Garden Shades), I want a National Trust-like green to paint the garage that will work with its black wooden doors and windows. This colour even sounds the part.

Understated turquoise

Arsenic - Farrow & Ball(Arsenic – Farrow & Ball)

I always planned to paint our bathroom cupboard in this gorgeous shade but, well, it’s actually alright in its current light blue state. Nevertheless, if I don’t paint it, I’ll find something to use this paint for!

So what will you be painting this year? And what colours will you be using?

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