Shop local 1: The end of the world reclaimed centre, Aylesbury

Living as I do at the end of the Met line (yes zone 9 does exist, smug Victoria station ticket man), it is tempting to think that all the best places to buy beautiful things for my home are in London.

As homewares tend to be slightly less easily wedged between commuters than clothes and because I have two very small children who are not fans of journeys over half an hour, I am shopping closer to home.

The plan is to find and review the very best local shops selling items for your home. To start, we have:

The end of the world reclaimed centre, Aylesbury

The end of the world reclaimed centre

Don’t be put off by the apocalyptic name because this salvage and antiques centre is packed full of interesting, individual and beautiful bargains.

The stained glass windows, Butler’s sinks and a lovely pale pink Thirties fireplace particularly caught my eye. If you’re looking for old doors or fireplaces, they have rooms dedicated to them. It’s definitely worth having a good nose about as there’s a lot in a relatively small space.

I’m planning on heading back without the kids so I can sift through the stained glass as I saw a glint of turquoise that I think would look great hung as a picture in my bathroom!

3 thoughts on “Shop local 1: The end of the world reclaimed centre, Aylesbury

  1. Oo! Great tip Jo! I’ve never heard of this place. Looks very tantalising! Do they do homeware or is it mainly larger items?

    1. I love it! They do tables, chairs, bed frames, pictures, door knobs, etc – think the stock changes quite a bit & you never know what you’ll find!

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