My autumn wish list

There’s nothing like the cold and wind and rain to get you feeling all homely; I think I’m getting everything ready for hibernation. So here’s my autumn wish list:

  • a clock

I really really want a new clock for our kitchen/ living room. Perhaps it’s the ‘clocks going back’ thing. But mostly it’s because I’m fed up of craning my neck to look at the oven clock to check if it’s nap time/ tea time/ cbeebies time. Sadly, my husband hates ticking. Still, I’m hoping that the bright orange and retro shape of this one may persuade him. Unlikely, but we can hope.

Close this window

  • to hang stuff up

I have a bunch of hooks and, more importantly, a lovely 30s mirror to fix to the wall. Photos to follow, when I actually get round to it.

  • a wood burning stove

This is the sad gap in our front room chimney that’s crying out for out for one. All in good time.


  • a floor lamp

Oh so unpractical with an eleven-month-old but oh so beautiful. Sigh. (And it has to be this giant Anglepoise as it makes me feel like a Borrower.)

  • anything with cinnamon

I made these lovely banana cupcakes with extra cinnamon on the top and they are so good, even if I do say so myself.

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